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This year, our entertainment committee has been hard at work! They have come up with many options for everyone, families, children, and those who enjoy having fun. Below you will see the schedule of events for our “Kid’s Corner.”  From bounce houses to street performances, stilt walking, games, a petting zoo, and “La Belle Princesse,” with even more activities going on Sunday, July 9th! Don’t miss this year’s Kidpreneur sale, where children will have their “La Petite” French Festival set up around the Village Green. There is even a scavenger hunt throughout the village; find clues and continue on your hunt; where the path leads, nobody knows…
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Our Street Performer:
“Joshua J. Superstar” Edelman
Chief Executive Superstar
Mr. Superstar is what is known in the business as a quintuple threat. He possesses the rare combination of herculean strength, unquestionable brilliance, rugged good looks, animal magnetism, and above all else, humility. He has a smile that can stop traffic. He has a sparkling gaze that will surely brighten the day of anyone caught in its path. Anyone lucky enough to merely shake his hand will find themselves overcome with a sense of comfort and ease that can only be matched by a mother’s warm embrace. Joshua J. Superstar graduated in the top 10% of his high school class in 1997. Below you will find a short clip sampling some of the things he will be doing during his show.
As a reminder, he will be performing a show at 12 P.M. and directly after the parade with stilt walking in between show times. Performances will be on the corner of Market Street and Broadway.



“La Petite” French Festival

Have a talent? Share it with us!

Street markets and vendors, as well as Buskers and street performers, are often seen on the streets of France!

This event will be a great opportunity to show off your skills or your craft and earn some money as if you are on the streets of Paris! Kid vendors and performers are encouraged to dress the part in berets, striped shirts, or other french themed attire!

All levels of talent will be welcomed and accepted!! “Kidpreneurs” and “buskers” must be under 18 years old. Must have parent/guardian consent to participate, and those under twelve must have parent/guardian supervision and assistance
during the event, although the child should be handling the majority of their sale independently.

No perishable foods are permitted, and no cooked on-site food items are allowed. Bake Sales are permitted. If you are selling baked goods or drinks, you will be provided with specific rules and instructions for this.

“La Petite French Festival” sign up here


We are looking for YOU!
BUSKERS will be performing throughout the village during the French Festival 2023!
French translation of ‘busker.’
le musicien de rue masc ⧫ la musicienne de rue fem
British English: busker /ˈbʌskə/ noun
A busker is a person who sings or plays music for money in the streets and other public places.
French Festival busking will include not only musicians but all types of performers.
The French Festival is also hosting a plein air art competition this year!
En plein air is the French term for “in the open air.”
Plein air painters and all other performers will be throughout town on July 8th and 9th for your viewing.
It is common to see buskers and street performers on the streets of France; let’s bring this time-honored practice of performing for spare change in public.
Use the link below, share your talent, and show us what you’ve got!